If you are a fan of the house that Colin Chapman built, I have some news that will potentially bring you great joy. Lotus has sent out a new press release teasing that the company will reveal “an exciting new car” at the Geneva Motor Show in March. No information is given, but the company assures us that the new machine will “will remain true to its core pillars of lightness, performance, and driving purity by embodying all of them in a most desirable package.” We can only hope.

Lotus is coming off a great year, with a 54-percent sales increase over the last nine months compared to the previous year, but that still only equates to 1,565 cars sold.

Now if it seems like I am apprehensive and dismissive about this piece of news, it is because I haven’t forgotten the Paris Motor Show display of 2010 where Lotus announced five all-new concepts that were slated to hit production that included new Elan and Esprit models. Since that time, every single one of those models has been scrapped. While there is a chance that this new success will see Lotus reveal an all-new car that will light the fire of every sports car enthusiast, the likely story is that the long rumored refresh of the Evora will be the news; once again crushing my little Lotus dreams.

I am hoping for the best, but don’t be surprised when an Evora with a new bumper arrives in Geneva.

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Why it matters

Seeing Lotus even tease a new model of any sorts is a good sign for the struggling manufacturer. Just a few months ago we were discussing how Lotus may pull out of car sales all together here in the U.S. and now I get to write about a new debut. The huge sales bump over the last nine months has been great to company morale, but the resources still don’t seem to be there for an entirely new car. Rather the old Evora is due for a refresh, and Geneva would be a great time for Lotus to announce it.

2016 Lotus Evora

A refreshed Evora model is expected in 2015 as a 2016 model. The new car should increase interior space, style and comfort over the outgoing model. Thanks to a flexible chassis architecture, it should be able to increase the width and wheelbase of the Evora for minimal cost. Thanks to advancement in lightweight technology, despite growing in size, the new Evora should cut weight over the current model. Expect a power bump of as much as fifteen percent from the Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter V-6. Rumors state that Lotus may even introduce a supercharged variant to increase performance even further. With a 60 mph sprint time of 4.4 seconds currently, a lighter and more powerful Evora could be pushing on supercar speeds.

Press Release

Announcing that overall sales are up by 54% in the past nine months provides tangible proof that the forward strategy established by Lotus Cars is working. In volume terms, the increase of 551 cars over the previous year, to a total of 1,565, is an excellent result for the British sports car maker.

Lotus has enlarged and strengthened its representation globally, with 25 new dealers enrolled across a number of territories in the past nine months, with another 50 new dealers joining Lotus by the end of 2015.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer, Group Lotus plc, said, “Our sales growth and dealer expansion is performing to plan and demonstrates the confidence that our customers have in Lotus. The positive reception that all our new Lotus cars are receiving in both new and established markets shows that our product development strategy is heading in the right direction.”

Lotus is revealing an exciting new car at the important Geneva International Motor Show in early March 2015. The product will remain true to its core pillars of lightness, performance and driving purity by embodying all of them in a most desirable package.

The most recent Elise S Cup model is already creating vital banner headlines and comments like “…most intoxicating sports car at any price” and “…it’s about as much fun as driving gets”, are some of the justified rewards for the effort expended at Hethel; and that is for a version of an existing model….the Geneva reveal will produce even more for the new model.

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