Lotus Cars USA Inc. has announced the prices for 2007 line-up: the new 220-hp Exige S will start at $56,990 and the price for 190-hp Elise roadster will rise to $43,990 for ’07, up $1,000 from ’06.

The Exige S is a small lightweight sportscar weighing just 2057 lbs, powered by 218 hp high revving supercharged engine, giving a zero to 60 mph time of just 4.1 seconds.

Because the basic car is so immensely strong but lightweight (935 kg, 2057 lbs), giving a power to weight ratio of 233.2 hp/tonne, performance is phenomenal, with 60 mph being reached from a standing start in 4.1 seconds and 100 mph being reached in 9.98 seconds (estimate) before topping out at 148 mph. Inspite of this phenomenal performance the fuel economy is impressive with an official combined figure of 31.0 mpg - extra urban is an impressive 39.2 mpg.

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