Lotus at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show

The English sports car manufacturer Lotus has just unveiled the Exige S ABA-1117 at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. This Exige is also known as the Scura, Lotus is evoking owners to ’indulge their dark side’ with this sinister hard top sports car. Priced at around $75,000 the Exige Scura features a trio of Phantom Black stripes to break up the large panels of matte black paint, however the carbon fiber bits and suede wrapped racing buckets go a bit further towards showing off the Scura’s true purpose of being an all out competition vehicle. Only now instead of laughing at bright orange bodywork, other drivers will stay out of this Lotus’ way. Like all Exige models the Scura is powered by a supercharged four cylinder engine that delivers a maximum output of 257 HP 174 lb-ft of torque, while it can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 152 MPH. The Lotus Exige S ABA-1117 is a serious looking car and enhancements to performance and a reduction in weight from the production level Exige S means that it demands to be driven by a serious driver. Open air motorists will enjoy theLotus Elise ABA-1119, a lightweight sports car that uses the English automaker’s world-renowned bonded aluminium chassis to provide a driving experience akin to no other sports car.


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  (89) posted on 10.22.2009

This is sweet. I just want to hit a track day and brace for the Gs.

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