The wreck is all that remains form a Lotus Elise. After an accident on Bee Caves Road the driver of this sports car, Jack Griffith was killed. The speedometer frees at close to 120 mph, so the speed was more than this. The construction of the Elsie enables to obtain low weight, and very good performances. But the construction with the aluminum and the size of the car couldn’t keep with the safety in case of an accident at such speeds. The car just disintegrates with all the pieces fling around. The front went all over the road and in the field, so all that remained form the car is beck end.

Lotus Elise crash-speed kills!
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Another proof that the speed kills whatever the car you will drive. So when you will drive fast cars remember that the only part were these are better is the power and the speed. In the right condition your car will be better, but when things go wrong, you will have to pay the price of performance, maybe with your life. Be careful!

Lotus Elise crash-speed kills!
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