This back-to-basics sports car gives us that nostalgic feel

In a day and age wherein cars have become awash in technology, there’s something to be said for a classic road-going sports car that still catches people’s attention despite being more than 50 years old. I’m talking about the 1963 Lotus Super Seven Series II, a sports car so unpretentious it flies against everything we associate with the modern day sports car. You really need to look at it to understand how pure and simple it is. That’s also a big reason why Lotus Seven owner Geoff Wise loves his car so much.

In the latest episode of Petrolicious, Wise talks about his love affair with his Lotus Seven and how he came to own this beauty of a sports car. See, unlike most people who get featured on Petrolicious, Wise didn’t set out to build his Lotus Super Seven from the ground-up. On the contrary, he actually bought the car and disassembled it before converting it to be more of a road car. He did add some modern tech to complement the car’s bored and stroked 1.7-liter four-cylinder, which he claims makes 120 horsepower. It’s not the fastest car in the world by any means, but with the car weighing just over 1,000 pounds, those 120 horses makes it seem like it is.

This is a labor of love in every sense of the phrase and Wise feels vindicated knowing that his Super Seven gets plenty of attention wherever he goes. He says that adults admire it, but it’s really the kids that get a real kick out of the car. It’s hard not to imagine why it gets the attention it does, especially when you see it in the company of today’s cars. There aren’t a lot of things more gravitating than seeing a sports car from the 60’s run so smoothly, as if reminding us that there was a time when people loved to drive these cars, not because of the technology they had, but because it was just fun to do it. Looking at Wise’s face when he talks about his Super Seven, it’s easy to see why he loves his car so much.


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