There’s something for fans of the Honda CBR Fireblade too ;)

The world we live in, it is changing more and more each day. Engines are getting smaller and more powerful, AI intelligence is on the brink of becoming a common household item, computers now fit in our pockets, and fully autonomous cars are on the horizon. But, before self-driving cars take over the world, we are starting to see fully autonomous appliances take over. Refrigerators can order groceries for you, and we now have self-driving vacuums and even lawn mowers. One of the more prominent autonomous lawnmowers on the market is the Honda Miimo, and it does everything on its own, even charging and keeping track of when to cut. Normally, this wouldn’t have anything to do with a car like the Honda Civic Type R, but to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Type R brand – thank you 1992 Acura NSX R – Honda has made a special edition of its Miimo lawnmower, and it’s fashioned after the new Civic Type R.

So, what this special-edition Type R mower receives is the signature Championship White pain, miniature fascias for the front and rear that look just like those found on the Civic Type R, and there’s even a large carbon-wrapped spoiler on the back to help keep things under control at those excessively high lawn speeds. In the rear, you can even find the new triple-exit exhaust system in the middle of the fascia. And, one has to admit, it actually looks pretty cool for a lawn mower, and it would certainly complement that new Type R in your driveway, don’t you think?

The standard Miimo offers up several different cutting modes that include directional, spiral, edge, mixed, and random (the coolest one, obviously,) but we’re wondering if this baby gets a +R mode to really increase performance. Just imagine, a Type R mover doing a good 15 mph while cutting your lawn – now that would be cool to see. Of course, let’s keep in mind that it doesn’t help the situation with all of the haters that commonly refer to the Civic Type R as an overgrown lawnmower. Then again, they are just mad that the Civic Type R can hit the 60 mph sprint in 5.7 while their stupid, crowd-hunting EcoBoost Mustang gets there in 6.3 seconds. Oh yeah, and it beats the Mustang in the quarter mile, too. The Type R gets there in 13.5 seconds at 108 mph while the Mustang sharts itself trying to get past 98 mph while hitting a trap speed of 14.5 seconds. And, the Mustang isn’t cool enough to have a lawnmower fashioned after it either. That’s okay, though. Haters gonna hate. What do you all think of the new Type R lawnmower? Let us know in the comments section below.


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