Small-block Chevy trashed in the best way

A certain flat-fender Willys MB Jeep has been making its rounds on the internet for some time now. It’s no ordinary war machine, though. This Jeep is completely hopped up with a small-block Chevy LS V-8, a beefy frame and roll cage, a stout rear axle, and tires built for the drag strip. We’ve seen it so wicked burnouts and impressive high-speed runs with ease. However, its most recent run wasn’t so effortless.

At the end of a quarter-mile pass in Orlando, Florida, the V-8 decided it had enough and grenaded itself in a puff of burning oil. The explosion happed as the driver lifted off the throttle at the end of the track. What otherwise looked like a fairly clean run, turned into a show of mechanical mayhem. The block now sports a rather large window at the number-two cylinder, just below the exhaust manifold.

All’s not lost for this Jeep – its owner says this is the fifth engine the Jeep has gone through and will quickly have something even better between the frame rails. It must be nice to have a padded budget! We’re just glad this isn’t the last pass for this awesome Jeep. We’re looking forward to seeing what shenanigans he can come up with next.


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