• Lucas Ordoñez moves from racing game to real life racing

Most people who play Gran Turismo have wishes of success behind the wheel. But the question is, does virtual success translate directly in to the real thing? For one lucky gamer, Lucas Ordoñez, winner of The Nissan-Playstation GT Academy contest, he had the opportunity to score one for the couch potatos.

The GT academy was a competition in which players of the real driving simulator, Gran Turismo, vied for the oportunity to prove their abilities behing the wheel of a racecar. Lucas recently raced in the European GT4 round at Silverstone. His team’s 350Z started 11th and moved up to 4th before pitting for the driver change that would put Ordoñez in the driver’s seat.

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The GT Academy team began the first outing in the GT4 series at Silverstone in 11th place, then moved to 6th position, then 4th and first before it was brought in, the 350Z entered the pits and Ordoñez sat behind the wheel.

After battle with the race leader, that ended in a crash, the Gran Turismo trained driver finished 3rd overall. One spot up from where he started. Although this novice didn’t take the checkered flag, this does show that anything is possible.

The team will be in Italy for next weekend’s race and are planning on competing in four more rounds of the Championship before the year ends.

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  (701) posted on 08.24.2010

He’s really a lucky guy. Training at GT Academy and then driving a 350Z on an actual race, it’s an experience you won’t ever forget.

BMWM6  (486) posted on 05.12.2009

When I play granturismo I play with the the racing wheel, It actually has a realistic feel I know that because when I take my bimmer to the track it feels quite the same, aside from the fact that you dont feel like your moving anywhere and 200 mph doesnt feel the same way

BMWM6  (231) posted on 05.12.2009

I think Lucas’ success is monumental. Someone coming from all gamers GT pod to conquer the poduim is a very spectacular event in racing history.

BMWM6  (318) posted on 05.12.2009

With his Nissan team making a 9th place in Dubai, more oppotunities are sure to come with Lucas. Without a doubt, this is a big milestone for motorsports and the Gran Turismo series - someone with ‘virtual’ experience held their own against some of the world’s top drivers, legitimizing ’sim racing’ as a way to break into a full blown racing career.

BMWM6  (314) posted on 05.12.2009

In the case of Lucas, of course public expectations are innevitable as this is a story that will not only create waves once Lucas makes it for the race.

BMWM6  (289) posted on 05.12.2009

The challenge is not easy for sure as the feel for the simulator may be completely different when you are already in the real road racing with real cars and drivers. But it only shows that being a couch potato sometimes pays alot.

BMWM6  (421) posted on 05.12.2009

This is what we call real game success when you start to drive the car of your dream from simulator to the podium.

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