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Lucid Air Dream Edition EV Will Remain A Dream For Most

Lucid Motors will offer its Air Luxury sedan in two flavours, Performance & Range at staggering $169,000

The Lucid Air that was shown last year, the launch was announced as a single spec Dream edition model. Lucid Motors has now decided to offer its very first product, the Air Sedan in two flavors. Buyers can choose between Performance or Range variants on the upcoming Air.

Lucid Air Dream Edition EV Will Remain A Dream For Most
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The car will feature two trims dubbed the Performance or Range, which are quite self-explanatory. Both variants though will cost the same at $169,000

It seems like we have been hearing about the Lucid Air forever now and deliveries of the Air have been delayed yet again until the end of the year. But it seems like the Californian E.V. maker has been on a roll, opening up new showrooms in several cities across the country, where potential buyers can go check out Lucid’s luxury sedan in person.

Here are some key takeaways from the upcoming Lucid Air Dream edition. The Air Dream edition P and the R.

The P inadvertently stands for performance and the motor packs 1111 horsepower. It comes with 21" rims.

The R on the other hand is all about the range and has a motor that packs a meager 933 horsepower, although this version will probably head the claimed 500-mile target range. It comes with a set of smaller 19" rims, in an effort to maximize range.

Lucid Air Dream Edition EV Will Remain A Dream For Most Exterior
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Both variants come powered by a dual motor set up along with all-wheel drive that packs a punchy 737 pound-feet of torque. Those are some healthy performance numbers and 0 to 60 mph comes in 2.7 seconds. These are specs that are designed to take the fight right up to the new Tesla Model S Plaid. The new Plaid can only manage 396 miles on a single charge.

Lucid Air Dream Edition specifications
Dream Performance Dream Range
Motors Dual Motor, AWD Dual Motor, AWD
Power (total) 1,111 HP 933 HP
Torque (total) 737 LB-FT 737 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 2.5 seconds 2.7 seconds
Top Speed 168 mph 168 mph

In a demonstration drive between L.A. and San Francisco, both versions of the Lucid Air Dream edition performed rather well. The cars covered over 445 miles. At the end of the drive, the performance variant had close to 30 miles of range remaining whereas the R model had about 72 miles left.

Lucid Air Dream Edition EV Will Remain A Dream For Most Exterior
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The Range trim also claims a range of 500 miles on a single charge
Surprisingly, the price for both these variants fully equipped, remains identical at $169,000 (excluding the $7500 federal tax credit).

So basically you are choosing between either Performance or Range. This number though is significantly more than that of the Tesla Model S, which comes in at $140,000 for the Plaid.

So, although the Dream edition is a bit on the pricey side, do note that there is an entry-level model of the Lucid Air as well that starts at $77,400, and with the $7500 tax credit that number, drops further to a mere $69,900. Even this entry-level model gets a staggering range of 406 miles from its Single motor powertrain. So the Lucid Air seems like quite a promising proposition, with a price that is significantly lower than the Model S long-range at $91,190.

Lucid Air Dream Edition EV Will Remain A Dream For Most Exterior
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Despite several delays, Lucid Motors is promising deliveries of its Luxury E.V. sedan by the end of the year.

After delays in production, the Air will be manufactured at the Casa Grande plant in Arizona and Lucid Motors will finally begin customer deliveries by the end of the year. A crossover, dubbed the Gravity, is already in the works and we should get to see it by 2023.

Here is Jonny Liberman on the Lucid Air Dream Edition R

Source: Faster and Farther: Lucid Announces Performance and Range Versions of Lucid Air Dream Edition

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