Lumma Design, the German tuner, will be showing off its revised Porsche Cayenne GTS at Germany’s Essen Motor Show at the end of the month. The Lumma Design CLR 550 R takes the hot Cayenne and drops in a supercharger to move it form 400 hp to 612 hp. The kit also includes the body modification such as a new wide open grille, side skirts, front and rear spoilers, vents on the hood, and a rear diffuser.

Lumma Design CLR 550 R based on the Porsche Cayenne GTS
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While this whole package is impressive, after seeing edo’s Cayenne GTS, is even more power really necessary? Once again, are there any average drivers out there who know how to keep control of a 5000 lb. truck that has more power than a Dodge Viper?

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Under the hood, Lumma Design begins with Porsche’s already potent 4.8L V8 motor, which in basic form delivers almost 400hp. For the CLR 550 R, Lumma includes a supercharger, which generates in excess of 50% more horsepower in contrast to the stock Cayenne GTS. All 612hp (456kW) is channelled to the road through custom 23 inch wheels with very low-profile sports rubber fundamentally painted onto the rims.

Lumma Design CLR 550 R based on the Porsche Cayenne GTS
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Lumma puts in a very potent braking system not only to provide improved stopping power, but also to aid the heavy weight Cayenne to cope with the power increases. This is decisively a novel idea considering the speed at which 612 horses could bring the sports SUV. The car’s driving height has also been significantly decreased and a sports suspension system is put in place to prevent it from rolling around during corners.

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