A 35 year old Bmw M3 driver with a laser plate jammer was arrested for evading a speedtrap in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni. What exacyly is a laser plate jammer? Well , it is basically a chip you install on your plate that jams speed cameras or in other words stops the cameras from seeing your license plate from speeding.

Apparently the driver had been using this device for quite some time. On this particular day though , this M3 driver was not so lucky. The police were watching the speed cameras and hunted him down for the arrest. According to the police, the driver was arrested "defeating the ends to justice" and is expected to appear in court in the future.

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking to use such a device on their vehicles. Police in South Africa are aware of such laser camera jamming devices as shall police in the United States. What type of punishment this driver will be given is undetermined at this point but this depends on his rate of speed and what type of punishment South African officials have for such a infraction.

Source: www.sundaytime.co.za

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  (6) posted on 07.27.2008

Top Speed, I’m really sorry but you should have researched a bit more before posting this on your blog. The driver wasn’t using a "laser shield" as illustrated in your photo. The driver was using a police laser jammer. It’s not a ’chip’ as you say, but a transponder that shoots out IR light on the same wavelenght as police lidar guns. The new speed laser jammers are smaller, smarter, and can be hidden in the grill of your car. The new laser jammers also act as a fully function parking sensor, so if you ever get pulled over you can just tell the officer it’s a parking sensor, not a laser diffuser lol. You can read up on some reviews at the "LaserJammerTests" website. The best selling and independently tested jammer on the market is the Laser Star system.

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