First I thought this is another surprise from Lamborghini, but the next second of watching the pics I knew it’s just the dream of a mad fan. The Lamborghini Alar is the masterpiece of e-Lamborghini, who transformed the Diablo’s fantasy of Joan Ferci in a crazy child.

Mad Lamborghini Alar
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This car incorporates everything from a mind disturbed by supercars and Lamborghini models. It has nothing to do with fast machines but everything is about alien-look. The front end has headlights to big, every shape is a curve, and it resemble with a flowing F50. It looks like a cheap body kit designed to transform your damaged Firebird in to a Murcielago. Some ideas are god, but there is no right line on the car, the car seams to never be capable of catching speed. It’s just like a melted toy car. Thans God there are true designers in the world, so I can be happy. Please don’t bring it to production!

Mad Lamborghini Alar
- image 153933
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  (6023) posted on 02.20.2008

this car is ok fromt he body work./ It still have to see the top speed and accelaration and handling for this car.

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