Mad Max: Fury Road has ignited imaginations with its blend of science fiction, social commentary and awesome vehicles, and the appearance of replicas was almost inevitable. The previous Mad Max movies have inspired post-apocalypse fans to recreate the cars from the films. There are a surprising number of spiked, push-bumpered creations that used to be a humble pickups or muscle cars prowling the roads.

This set of Mad Max-inspired battle rigs is a bit different, though. A movie and LEGO fan using the handle "LEGO Will" has recreated some of the cars from Fury Road in LEGO form. Created through the time-honored method of tearing apart and reconfiguring existing LEGO kits, LEGO Will made toy versions of Mad Max’s Interceptor, Immortan Joe’s Gigahorse, the Doof Wagon and one of the spiky Buzzard buggies. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll instantly recognize these vehicles. There are some original wasteland creations to go along with them as well.

A lot of LEGO fans are no doubt hoping that the company will produce some official Mad Max: Fury Road kits. If the scratch-built versions look this good, just think of how awesome one designed by the company could be! Are you listening, LEGO? Check out the photos below!

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Why it matters

Not every budding Warboy can afford to take a SawZall to his or her daily driver and turn it into a suitable steed for desert warfare. Sometimes the safe and sane solution is something smaller that’ll fit on the shelf at home.

Some clever character decoration has been added to the characters as well, so the Interceptor has a Mad Max figure to go with it.

Some clever character decoration has been added to the characters as well, so the Interceptor has a Mad Max figure to go with it, wearing the distinctive motorcycle jacket that’s been Max’ trademark since the first movie. The Interceptor also includes the extra fuel tanks and spare parts that the movie car carries.

The wild, drum and guitar-equipped Doof Wagon was one of the largest vehicles in Fury Road, and it looks like a sizeable LEGO creation as well. With taiko drummers on the back and a wall of speakers up front, this truck’s a dead ringer for the movie version (even if it is missing a set of axles—the Doof Wagon is an 8x8).

The Gigahorse is a pair of 1959 Cadillac coupes Siamesed together on a dualie truck chassis with tractor tires, so LEGO Will used a pair of Ghostbusters ECTO-1 kits to recreate the car’s body. The colors and Ghostbusters logo may be off, but that hardly matters.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Review

Mad Max: Fury Road - Review
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