Mad Max: Fury Road generated a huge amount of hype before it was released, but by every measurable standard, it’s managed to live up to that hype — quite a rare thing. Much of this success comes from the fact that the action was more or less nonstop. Said action is some of the best ever seen in movies, but these days you have to wonder just how much of it was mere CGI. Fortunately, there is a video of some of the action sequences being shot, complete with comparisons to the finished product as they appeared in the film.

The answer is that not much was really CGI. Imperator Furiosa’s arm had some green on it, although that’s not exactly surprising, since Charlize Theron actually does have two arms. Apart from that, there’s maybe some extra flames in some of the explosions, but overall it really does look pretty similar. We’re seeing it from farther back, and with all of the cameras, camera vehicles and assorted other equipment necessary for the stunts, and that will obviously take you out of it somewhat. But you can still see that these are incredible stunts.
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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

Mad Max: Fury Road - Review
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It shouldn’t be all that surprising that real stunts were used for so much of this movie. George Miller made the first movie on a shoestring (a lot of the actors were paid in beer), and had to figure out creative ways to make exciting action on the cheap. He knows better than anyone that there’s more to making a good action movie than just throwing money at it. What’s more, The Road Warrior’s chase scenes still stand up as some of the best ever made, and that was done entirely without CGI. It’s good to see that, even though the action has gotten much bigger and more insane, George Miller hasn’t gotten the least bit lazy.

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