With the exception of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there’s no movie I’m looking forward to more this year than Mad Max: Fury Road, and now we’re just a few short days away from its release. You’ve no doubt already seen the trailers filled with explosions, freaky dudes in masks and vehicular mayhem, but this latest clip features interviews with cast and crew, including director George Miller, who also did the first three Mad Max movies. Miller has actually kept busy since 1985’s Beyond Thunderdome, producing kids movies like Babe and Happy Feet. Interesting.

Anyway, Fury Road looks absolutely incredible. The beauty is that it’s a true sequel, and not a reboot (no sign of Mel Gibson, thankfully), and the XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe makes its return as the Pursuit Special Interceptor. It was destroyed at the end of Mad Max 2, but we’ll look past that because it’s awesome. Plus, 30 years worth of special effects advancements will no doubt add to spectacle and absolute destruction.

The 15th of May is sure to be a lovely day.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Preview

Mad Max: Fury Road - Preview
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You can check out our Mad Max: Fury road Preview here.

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