Mad Max: Fury Road has been drawing the attention of car guys like moths to a flame, and there’s no mystery as to why. Since the first installment of the Mad Max series, the cars and motorcycles have played integral roles in the plot. Starting with the second film in the series (The Road Warrior), in fact, the vehicles have been designed expressly as extensions of the characters who drive them.

That tradition is carried into Fury Road, the fourth Mad Max film. Even though it’s coming to life 30 years after the previous installment, this movie takes the cars-as-characters theme farther than ever before.

This video offers a closer look at some of the wild vehicles that were used in the making of the movie. Over 150 vehicles were built for the expansive chase scenes, which were filmed using real effects rather than CGI. About half of them were destroyed. Each car, even the ones that only have a fleeting moments of screen-time, was scrounged together from junkyard parts and, like director and writer George Miller’s many ancillary characters, has a backstory and purpose that informs its design. Production designer Colin Gibson did much more than just weld spikes to a fleet of junkers. The vehicular cast of Fury Road is a cadre of rat rods taken to the nth degree.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Movie Review

Mad Max: Fury Road - Preview
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Details of some of the movie cars not seen in the video can be found at the official website.The majority of the cars are Australian models, so to American audiences the vehicles underneath the customization may be familiar but not always readily identifiable. I haven’t found a full catalog of all 88 car/characters, but hopefully someone will put one together. Failing that, I may just have to go frame-by-frame through the movie to spot them all.
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