Based on the popularity of Mad Max: Fury Road, there are going to be a lot of people out there interested in playing a Mad Max video game. And that just made this year’s E3 show all the more awesome, as the long awaited Mad Max game finally got a full-length trailer. With all of the huge titles being announced and the flashy trailers going around, you might have missed it. But here it is in all its glory, complete with an appropriately Australian soundtrack, AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells.

Plans for a Mad Max video games were first announced by George Miller, the creator of the franchise, all the way back in 2008. The game had no studio to make it though, and was soon stuck in development hell, much as the movie itself was at about the same time. But even though things worked out that the game would be finished shortly after the movie, the game wasn’t actually even intended as a tie-in with the movie, and the stories have little to do with one another. That’s okay though, no point in playing through a story that you already know anyway.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Review

Mad Max: Fury Road - Review
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Electronic Arts bought the rights to make a Mad Max game several years ago, with the work being done by Avalanche Studios, the same people responsible for the Just Cause series of games. Although it will have an original story, the game will feature some familiar locations, such as Gas Town and Thunderdome. The difficulty in making a game like this, according to the developers, was to create a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland but that didn’t draw too heavily from other games in that genre, like Fallout. It certainly looks pretty different from the trailer, but we can’t wait to try to the game and see for sure.

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