PlayStation has released a new gameplay trailer, and it looks pretty epic. What do you do if you find yourself marooned in a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland, stripped of resources and equipment, beset in all directions by war-painted psychopaths with nothing better to do than prey on the weak? The answer should be obvious – chop together the fastest, toughest, most badass ride you can, weld on as many spikes and guns as the exterior can hold, and dish out some payback.

That’s the scenario presented by the new Mad Max video game from Avalanche Studios. It hails from the action-adventure genre and has lots of vehicular combat. At Max’s disposal is a variety of four-wheeled weaponry, allowing you to create your own version of the hero’s “Magnum Opus” domination mobile. You get stuff like harpoons, mounted cannons, flamethrowers, and a V-12 engine transplant for higher speeds when ramming vehicles. Other configurable options include the chassis, wheels, body panels, paint, and body shell. Choose wisely, though, because certain upgrades may improve one aspect of the car but hamper it in others.

Use the car to explore a large, open world made up of the prototypical arid landscape you’d expect from the franchise. But be careful as you explore – some areas are more dangerous than others, with varied levels of food, water, enemies and environmental threats.

Mad Max will be released this September for the Linux, Windows, PS4, and Xbox Oneplatforms.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Main Trailer

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