And it’s all because Ford of Canada has a deal with Kiefer Sutherland, the star of the television show “24” who recently began a 48 day sentence for drunk driving. MADD wants Ford to drop its endorsement deal with Sutherland. Margaret Miller, of MADD of Canada, told reporters that Ford should dump Sutherland and get someone new to be its celebrity spokesperson.
Ford has shown no inclination to dump Sutherland, whose television show continues to enjoy consistenly high ratings, particularly among demographic groups which are considered the prime targets of many advertisers.
Oddly, Ms. Miller has not suggested that MADD mothers boycott Ford, or boycott the Fox network that presents “24.” Nor has she suggested what products Mr. Sutherland should and should not be allowed to endorse, or whether she’s simply against his speaking at all. It’s not clear, for example, whether she believes that Fox should not allow him to appear in the television program with an automobile.
Sutherland began his sentence on December 5th. It is a second offense. He was convicted in Los Angeles. Apparently the reason that MADD of Canada has decided to express its opinion has to do with Sutherland having been born in Canada.

Source: Nationalpost

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