Crime games might not be the first genre that automotive enthusiasts look to for gaming entertainment, but a surprising number of them offer far more for the enthusiast than is really necessary for the plot of the game. The Mafia games are definitely among these; like Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, there are a fair number of customization options, and like L.A. Noire, they also offer something for lovers of classic (mostly American) cars. They tend to involve a lot of driving, and a number of story elements that are entirely automotive based.

So the announcement that a third game is in the works comes as good news for those who perhaps need a break from endless hours of Gran Turismo. 2K United Kingdom announced the game last week, but now a follow up tweet has confirmed that a trailer is on its way, and we’ll get to see it on August 5th. We obviously don’t know yet how cars will factor into this game, but it’s difficult to imagine that that aspect of the game would be scaled back at all. Hopefully it will build on what was already offered in previous games, with more cars and more customization.

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Why it matters

One thing that classic car lovers enjoy about the Mafia games is that they show a wide selection of cars. The first game starts during the tail end of Prohibition, and features cars from the ’20s and ’30s. The second game opens during WWII, and after you spend a bit of time in jail, wraps up in the early ’50s. Cars from all of these different eras are represented, and if the next game skips forward a bit too, then we can look forward to the possibility of muscle cars and maybe a few early European supercars thrown in for good measure. Here’s hoping.

Mafia 2 - Official E3 Trailer

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