At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, MAGNA STEYR is presenting MILA Future, an automotive sculpture that is reduced to a forward-looking design and fully functional roof system. This unique system can be used to show four different roof configurations on one vehicle - a world first.

If a roadster has a retractable hard top (RHT), its back does not usually lend itself to classic coupé lines. When the roof is closed, the trunk volume is generally satisfactory, but when open the storage space may be reduced by up to half. Many of the retractable tops common today require a rear deck cover that opens in the opposite direction to travel to accommodate the roof - making additional motors necessary. MILA Future offers a variety of innovative ideas and demonstrates the development team’s creative potential at MAGNA STEYR and MAGNA Car Top Systems in a number of interesting details.

MILA Future: the world is adaptable, but always open - four variants in one vehicle

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MILA Future coupé:

A characteristic of classic coupés is the flowing silhouette towards the rear. It gives the vehicle an elegant, dynamic appearance that the target group on the market regards as its distinctive feature. In addition to attractive styling, other benefits include fully utilizable trunk volume and protection against wind and weather for the passengers.

MILA Future landaulet:

Landaulets were horse-drawn carriages that had double soft folding tops for driving half open. Thanks to the special design of roof, deck lid and rear window, the Mila Future can be driven in a similarly romantic mode - the rear window is lowered completely, but the roof itself remains in place over the passengers protecting them against direct sunlight. On country roads you therefore feel in touch with your surroundings and if driving faster the airflow is reduced to a pleasant level.

MILA Future roadster:

When the roof is down and the rear window lowered, you can experience real roadster feeling. Compared with conventional solutions, however, the remaining trunk space is 20% larger. This additional volume is created by leaving the B and C pillars on the deck lid as styling elements, which means that the space is not required in the trunk area. The result is a new, exciting appearance and makes this type of vehicle unmistakable on the roads. At the same time, it provides adequate rollover protection - so the typical bars behind the seats are not required.

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MILA Future copster:

A combination of coupé and roadster, this variant keeps the roof in the trunk with the rear window in the coupé position. It also serves as a permanent wind deflector and does not require manual mounting. This configuration gives you a sense of safety in the interior without having to sacrifice the open-air feeling.

Engineering: convenience is key

The technology used is based on a two-part retractable top where one part consists as usual of the roof and the second of the deck lid. Integrated in it are the movable rear window and the rollover protection. The complete unit is opened with a sturdy pivot hinge, which has the pivot points in the upper part of the B pillar attached to the body. The hydraulic cylinders and all the suspension links are located inside the B pillar. All you have to do is press a button to open the deck lid in the direction of travel for configuring the vehicle as a roadster or for loading. Only one mechanism is therefore required for both functions. The roof is opened with a hydraulically operated pivot hinge and moves horizontally under the raised deck lid and into the trunk to save space. After the deck lid is closed, the rear window and rigid B and C pillars remain outside, thus increasing the available trunk volume. Finally, an electric motor moves the rear window down to the lowest level - and the roadster position is reached. The longitudinal anti-roll bar with its fixed side windows gives the roadster its inimitable look.

The rear window itself can be moved to any position required without the roof motor and can act as a wind deflector if necessary. When loading, a button on the vehicle exterior opens the deck lid hydraulically and the retracted roof can automatically be raised 45 degrees for more convenient luggage storage.

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Since the ladies are always important to us, another creative detail is the "purse hatch" from the driver’s seat. In addition, the backs of the two seats can both be folded forwards individually and the sliding doors moved into the rear wall. As a result, smaller items can also be stowed in the trunk without any trouble.

The system can be adapted to all two-seater coupés or roadsters. Its neutral styling means that the MILA Future sculpture leaves ample scope for OEMs to design various vehicle models of their own.

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