• Make your Lamborghini Murcielago look like a Reventon

If you are into tuning even the most powerful supercar, then this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about Performance Power Racing. This tuning firm is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and is famous for their 2006 Ford GT that has become the fastest car in the world to break 250mph in the Standing Mile. Now the tuner is offering the public a chance to make their Murcielago look like a Reventon.

The body kit includes a new panel, headlights, and taillights with twin and quad turbo systems available. In fact, almost every part is replaced with a new one to give it a full Reventon styling. The tuner is also offering horse power levels from 800 to 1500 HP.

The performance power custom hard top for the Murcielago Roadster is the only full top available. This will enable the roadsters to exceed 100mph. The factory soft top cannot be supported at such high speeds so Performance Power Racing has brought the full top as a perfect solution. The full top is available in Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass.


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  (466) posted on 05.19.2011

As expected from this car, it has an incredible look and performance.
Well, I think they already killed this production and give the throne to Aventador.

  (446) posted on 05.6.2011

That was hilarious! I actually love on how it was being done here. Simply rocks! How about you guys? What is your opinion? I hope there’ll be no violent reactions here.

  (506) posted on 04.1.2011

I have a positive thought about this! Lamborghini makes the most powerful tuning. I bet converting a Murcielago into a Gallardo is no sweat at all! BTW, how much will it cost if the whole package is included? 

  (228) posted on 03.16.2011

The color is nice as well as the aerodynamic kit! But i find this car so edgy! And it look so huge that probably makes this car heavy!

  (937) posted on 07.12.2010

there is no doubt that they used a carbon fiber for the body kits.

  (806) posted on 07.11.2010

aggressive looking sports car. i can’t believe that a simple body kit can make a murcielago look like a reventon.

  (2) posted on 07.11.2010

REV-AIR is the manufacturer of the 2010 Reventon body package. Rev-Air will transform your Lamborghini Lp640 Murcielago Roadster or Coupe to the ulitmate Reventon. They are using salvaged Murcielagos from the salvage yards. Using a Lamborghini Murcielago from a salvage yard you will achive a much more accurate representation of the 2010 Reventon. For resale it can be a very profitable conversion. Check out the 2010 Rev-Air story in Bullz-eye dot com an online magazine.

  (858) posted on 07.8.2010

this is bad. the wheels are so small compared to the body. and the body is way too long.

  (516) posted on 07.8.2010

yeah right, it kinda expensive kits. saving time guys

  (1022) posted on 07.7.2010

I bet it’s price is almost the same as a regular family car.

  (612) posted on 07.7.2010

impressive kits, but how much does it costs to have a set kit like that?

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