That’s the implication of the ad budget, anyway. General Motors budgeted $50 million to get the CTS into the public eye. But for the Malibu’s ad campaign, which kicked off yesterday, the figure is a bit higher.
$150 million.
Billed as “The Car You Can’t Ignore,” Chevrolet intends to make that slogan a reality by blanketing the web, television, billboards, and print media with advertising for the new Malibu.
The first stage of the campaign is the “reveal,” and it is designed to build a favorable image of the car in consumer’s minds. The campaign will build until it reaches a massive television campaign in the third and last stage. The Malibu will also be heavily advertised during the World Series.
According to Chevrolet’s marketing executives, they are making sure that every possible ad venue is covered. “We are introducing the all-new Malibu to America with a ’no stone left unturned’ marketing effort. We want the entire country to know that this car, which is designed to be the best in the mid-size segment, is coming, and that it has bulletproof quality, coupled with beautiful interior and exterior design." That according to Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager, who also said that the "Malibu has the look, feel, and content of a $40,000 car but it costs less than half that amount. It truly will be the car you can’t ignore."

Kim Kosik, Chevrolet’s marketing boss, said that "[t]he all-new Malibu is the most-researched car in Chevy’s history, and our marketing campaign is also the most-researched plan we’ve ever developed. We know who the Malibu’s target buyers are, and we have designed customized media plans for all of them to connect with them in a targeted way.

At Cambell-Ewald, the advertising agency that has handled Chevrolet’s account since World War II ended, vice chairman Bill Ludwig stated that "[t]he Malibu target audience is deeply entrenched in their beliefs. They are highly skeptical of anyone’s ability to compete with Camry and Accord. This campaign is designed to hock their systems, attack their beliefs, and debunk myths. We want them to start out skeptical and end up wowed. The great thing is, we have the product to do that."

The base price of the new Malibu starts under $20,000, destination charges included.

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  (372) posted on 10.20.2007

The biggest hurdle is indeed the perception that Chevrolet cannot build a better vehicle than Toyota or Honda. The current environment says, however that it may be able to do so. Hyundai is already building cars of equal or better quality than Toyota and are reaping the benefits of same. However, what we must be mindful of is that Hyundai does not have the UAW hovering over its workforce as does Chevrolet (and the other domestic nameplates as well). Like it or not, this is a huge concern. Let me categorically state that I am in no way implying that hard working American people are unable to build cars. What I am saying is that hard working American people are hampered by decisions taken by their Unions in the name of their best interest that will only cause cutbacks in key areas that will ultimately turn buyers away from their products. Less buyers mean more layoffs, which means, less Union members. And isn’t that what this is all about? More Union members with their Union dues? In any event, Chevrolet has a potential winner on their hands, even if it hurts me to admit it. Why does it hurt, you ask? Because the fuel economy figures as reported are horrendous, that’s why...

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