Weathering the storm with a four-wheeled companion

Hurricane Matthew sent East Coast residents scrambling for shelter last week, with high winds and torrential rainfall cutting a wide swath of destruction across numerous states. In a bid to protect his prized E30 BMW M3 from harm, Instagram user @jalilsup decided to drive it into his living room for a sleepover, and became a viral sensation in the process.

The man behind the handle is Randy Jalil, hailing from Port Saint Lucie, Florida. After parking his other two Bimmers in his garage, Jalil decided the E30 needed a safe spot as well, so he broke out the measuring tape and found the width of his double-door entryway. Before long, the E30 soon found itself snugly inside.

In a statement posted by Jalopnik, Jalil says he has owned the car for roughly eight years, and with the spike in value that E30s have experienced recently, he wasn’t about to risk keeping it outside. Still, Jalil maintains it’s a daily driver that sees proper use on a regular basis.

“Most people nowadays will keep them tucked away in their garage to keep the value up. Cars are meant to be driven and I will always live by that.”

Jalil also says the car is in “almost stock form but most people refer to it as OEM+.”

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Man Parks His E30 M3 In His Living Room To Protect It From Hurricane Matthew
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Man Parks His E30 M3 In His Living Room To Protect It From Hurricane Matthew
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With the full, horrible aftermath of Hurricane Matthew now coming to light, a story like this is a most welcome respite.

And is it just me, or does that E30 look like it belongs in the living room? Gotta love those compact dimensions. The squared bodywork is a perfect complement to the rest of the décor as well.

What’s more, Jalil is single, which meant there was no one around to critique his choice of parking spots, or raise an eyebrow at the breakfast of Cheerios and motor oil.

So then – a daily-driven E30 in “OEM+” condition with a spot inside when the weather turns ugly?

Priorities – this guy is doing them right.

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Source: Instagram - jalilsup

Images Credit: Instagram user Jaililsup

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