Sometimes, taking matters into your own hands can often lead to disastrous consequences.

Take the case of one Mr. Robert Caton. After purchasing a bed from Tesco Direct, Caton was livid when he found out that the bed he ordered was delivered without a mattress so just like any short-tempered consumer who lives and dies by the credo ‘the customer is always right’, Caton resorted to the dirty old trick of crashing his car through a window of a Tesco store.

That’s not the juicy part. The car he chose as his battering ram was no less than a finely-conditioned 1983 Rolls Royce Spirit. In all fairness to him, he did warn everybody inside – the security guards included – that if he wasn’t going to get his beloved mattress, he was pushing the pedal to the metal.

Canton’s stuntman act came after he blew his top off when store managers of this particular Tesco store told him that they couldn’t do anything about his complaint since the order was purchased online at Tesco Direct.

So in an act of rage, Canton drove his beautiful Rolls Royce straight through the store.

We don’t know who we’re going to pity most with this story: Canton, Tesco, or the Rolls. But knowing us, we’re most likely turning blue seeing a Rolls Royce being reduced as a battering ram by its cuckoo owner.


Source: Brand Strategy

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