Bugatti is finding itself in hot water after a disgruntled customer filed a court application against the supercar makers over what the man claims to be Bugatti’s general indifference in issuing a refund over the man’s purchase of a Bugatti Veyron.

The complainant, Barry Zekelman, initially deposited $427,935 for his Veyron purchase before forking over the entire $1.55 million 3 months later. The problem arose when the Veyron, after having paid for in full, never arrived.

When it became apparent that his purchase would never get to set foot on his driveway, Zekelman applied for a refund of his money but was left out on the cold for over eight months. Zekelman even details in his complaint that he was offered a 2008 version of the car because they couldn’t provide him with the newer ‘09 model.

So with nowhere else to go, Zekelman decided to get the courts involved. In his document, Zekelman lists six counts, which he says, Bugatti violated, including I) Breach Of Contract II) Violation Of The Michigan Consumer Protection Act III) Recission Count IV) Unjust Enrichment V) Conversion VI) Claim And Delivery.

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As with any other case of this circumstance, Zekelman is seeking the return of the money plus interest. In addition to that, he’s also seeking monetary compensation for any costs he may have incurred during this whole ordeal, including his attorney’s fees.

Scenarios like this happen more often than you think. It’s just that most of them don’t involve a Bugatti Veyron, which, by the mere mention of its name, already draws its own headlines. So here’s to hoping that Zekelman gets all of his money back.

Source: Courthousenews

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