There’s no better feeling than saving a young boy’s life, even at the expense of seeing your own Ferrari taking a dip into a lake.

That was the scene earlier this week when the owner of a fabulous Ferrari F430 narrowly avoided hitting a young boy on a bicycle while driving along Lake Oakdale in Dallas, Texas.

As the strapping man was taking his F430 on one of his usual joyrides along the park,

At the last second, he swerved his car away from the boy and onto the not-so-inviting waters of Lake Oakdale. Half of the car’s rear ended up being submerged and when all efforts were made to try to get the F430 back to dry land ended futilely, the man relented and called in the towers.
We normally don’t condone the idea of wrecking a supercar but we’re going
to give this selfless man a pass. His quick instincts not only saved the young boy’s life, but he’s also earned our respect and admiration for not even thinking twice about wrecking his car just so he could save the boy’s life.

Kudos Amigo!


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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.9.2009

well now he can get a Ferrari F-450

He also risked his own life what if the ferrari fell intot the water farther and sunk and he got trapped inside or he couldnt swim

BMWM6  (318) posted on 07.9.2009

You can always buy a new car and in the case of this guy, I guess, if you can afford a Ferrari it is not difficult for you to buy a new one or get a better one. So it is just the right move to do besides, if he hits the boy...its not only his Ferrari that he will loose but also his good paying job and his future as well.

BMWM6  (314) posted on 07.9.2009

This Ferrari only deserve to fall into that lake..coz, it is really something that we must start taking are not supposedly burning gas in the paved walks of the park. It is place where people should enjoy biking and walking freely—away from the suffocating noise, burning gas of these cars. It good the the man did the right move. Otherwise, his act would be greatly unforgivable.

BMWM6  (421) posted on 07.9.2009

This guy did the right thing in the right time in the wrong place. It is indeed commendable that he avoided the yonug boy in the bicycle and wreackd his pricy Ferrari by getting a cool dip into the lake but I also think that places such as this—a park which is a public space where kids would usually roam freely is not a place for running cars. Next time learb where to dig your joy ride. Let this serve as a lesson.

BMWM6  (5) posted on 07.9.2009

we have a lot to learn from this man , the most important : you can’t buy life , but you can buy anytime another brand new car

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