Man tattoos himself and his car after winning a Mustang as part of Ford’s ’10 Unleashed’ campaign

Ford’s ’10 Unleashed’ Mustang campaign has found another lucky winner, and this time, it just so happened to be that the guy is a big Mustang enthusiast. 24-year old Daniel Verlarde has long been a card-carrying fan of the Ford Mustang so you could expect his elation after finding out that he had won for himself a brand-new 2010 Ford Mustang.

Apparently, Verlarde’s giddiness from winning the car gave him the idea to immortalize his Mustang obsession by having a stallion tattooed on his arm. But that’s not where the fanaticism ends. Verlarde also had his new Mustang air-brushed with the same image to show just how much of a Mustang nut he is.

"I wanted a tattoo artist to design a 2010 Mustang tattoo and I wanted the creation to be brought to life with the customization of an actual 2010 Mustang," said Verlarde. "This way, I could be a part of the car and the car would always be a part of me. My dream came true."
The 2010 Mustang GT Verlarde won comes with the high-end premium package. Not only that, the car was also outfitted a number of other features including a FR3 Handling pack, 20-inch wheels, a Ford accessory hood scoop, side scoops, side window louvers, and a rear deck panel.

It’s no secret the lengths people will go through to show the world their fanaticism. Daniel Verlarde is living proof of that.


Source: Mustang Blog

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