What do you do when you are not a police officer, but have a 7 years-old son that wants to be spoiled? Simple: transform your 2007 Ford Mustang into a police cruiser replica! No one will have anything with you, as it seems this is as legal as possible can be!

Jessie Vigil, a 35-year-old disabled veteran from the war in Iraq painted his 2007 Ford Mustang black and white, added a red-and-blue emergency bar across the top and painted the word "police" on the doors. The decorating started last summer, in an effort to make the car look like a police cruiser in the "Transformers" movie because his 7-year-old son, Thomas, was a fan.

"My intent was to re-create the movie car," said Vigil. "When I came back from Iraq, I tried to spoil him. I wasn’t the best dad before."

And as long he won’t start acting like a police officer it’s all legal, according to aw enforcement agencies.


Source: DetNews

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  (6023) posted on 03.15.2008

Good work! The decorating is beautiful. If the Police has vehicles just like that, I get involved right away!

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