You understand the concept of wholesale shopping, right?

If you don’t, it’s pretty much buying a product in bulk as opposed to buying it one piece at a time. What this usually does is it lessens the value of each individual item because you’re buying so many of them at once. Sounds simple enough, yes?

Well, we happened to come across an eBay page of someone who just may have taken the idea of wholesale shopping to a new level. What he’s selling is a twelve car collection of Jaguar XKEs whose models range from 1961-1974. The only thing is, he’s selling them as a lot of twelve – meaning, you either buy all of them, or you don’t buy anything at all.

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According to the owner, most of the cars are complete and that he’s throwing in some extra body and mechanical parts as part of the whole package. In addition to that, most of the cars also have their registration and titles so you’ll be assured that they’re not the smuggled type.

We really don’t know what to make of this because we rarely come across someone who owns that many Jaguars. Plus, by looking at the photos, those XKEs aren’t exactly the freshly-restored type. Normally, items that are usually bought wholesale range from food, clothes or personal and bath products, not Jaguar XKEs. In any case, he’s selling all of them for $200,000 and if you happen to be interested, then you have just about a week to make a bid for those 12 XKEs.

For a specific list of models of all 12 Jaguars, you can check out the seller’s eBay page.

Source: eBay

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  (666) posted on 04.15.2010

Wow, that’s was a huge collection of Jaguar! Only a multi-multimillionaire can afford this collection.

  (344) posted on 03.15.2010

Well, I’m pretty sure that there is a bloke or two out there that has that much money lying around somewhere. 12 Jaguars of the same model seems to be reasonable for that much money, that is if it is complete with parts and is fully restored, but they seem to be junk. I don’t think that a guy who knows cars wouldn’t buy such an expensive collection. But to whoever will get to buy it, I’m pretty sure that it is going to be one long restoration project even just for one of them. Its going to be a nice buy and sell kinda business though.

  (1332) posted on 03.4.2010

that was a huge collection of jaguar. I guess he had enough with this babies. can’t imagine how long is this babies last run on the road, it already catches thick dusts.

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