We thought we’d seen it all, and given the proliferation of Batmobile wannabees roaming the planet, we thought that we were safe from anything worse than what we’d already laid our eyes on. Unfortunately, we were wrong. Dead wrong.

Straight out of Ann Arbor, Michigan comes this old 1994 Pontiac Grand Am, which was regrettably turned into Bruce Wayne’s own four-wheeled machine of justice. After buying the dilapidated car for $100, the man only known as Gabe decided to do something bombastic with his new purchase. So he did what any self-respecting fan of the Dark Knight would do. He went out and turned it into his very own Batmobile.

It was tedious work, no doubt about it, but in the end, Gabe somehow managed to pull it of. Sort of.

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Despite its abhorrent appearance, Gabe’s ’Batmobile’ has gotten its fair share of attention from the people over at Ann Arbor, including a pair of police officers who pulled him over sometime last year just to have their photos taken with the car. And, in case you’re wondering what this car can do that the original can’t, well, it’s got its own unique anti-theft protection, which was in full effect one time the car was getting boosted. When the crooks tried to steal the car, the Batmobile’s steering wheel fell off, leaving the thieves with nothing more than just a wheel to steal. Undaunted, the criminals decided to hot wire the car, but only ended up fixing its brake lights. That’s straight out of a blooper reel right there.

Despite the growing ’popularity’ of his Batmobile, Gabe has decided to sell his ride for $600 on Craigslist. If you’re interested in owning it, you might want to make a bid on it now. It’s by far the ugliest Batmobile we’ve ever seen, but for 600 bucks - and the attention that comes with it - it just might be a pretty good investment.

Source: Craigslist

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  (619) posted on 10.22.2010

hideous looking.

  (340) posted on 09.22.2010

Yes, that’s a total crap compare to the batman mobile of Toyota!

  (745) posted on 08.18.2010

Why everyone’s making a Bat mobile? Where is Batman anyways?

  (134) posted on 08.2.2010

Ya, what a waste of specs. Total crap!

  (313) posted on 07.29.2010

This is a total crap, a waste of money!

  (702) posted on 06.9.2010

well i guess he is still allowed to drive a ferrari because he gave a lot of race reputation to the ferarri.

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

I agree, instead of matte black paint and a powerful engine. He turned a piece of junk to a bat mobile and cover it’s paint with black cloth. Well, alteast his wife is very supportive to him.

  (708) posted on 06.7.2010

It seems that batman suffered from a bankrupt with that kind of bat car. Well, I think batman there really needs some sponsor to make his car wild when his on the job.

  (798) posted on 06.7.2010

Well I guess this man is bored and nothing to do with this life.

  (504) posted on 06.6.2010

I agree this is the most worst bat mobile I’ve ever seen.

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