Manhart lets Mercedes’ C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang

Some companies are still in love with big V-8s

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With the demise of the internal combustion engine seemingly getting closer and closer, car tuners have been having a field day making fast, dead-dinosaur-burning cars even faster. Mercedes has even confirmed that the next generation of AMGs will be powered by a four-cylinder married to an electric motor to create a hybrid system. In an AMG. Anyway, German tuning company Manhart is the latest group of geniuses to take an already unnecessarily powerful car and make it even more powerful.

Well, get on with it, what are some details?

Manhart lets Mercedes' C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang Drivetrain
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Different turbos, a new ECU tune, carbon intake, new exhaust, new intercooler, and fuel pump were the upgrades needed.

The car in question is the CR 700 Wagon. It started out in life as a Mercedes C 63 AMG station wagon with the familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 that pumps out 503 horsepower (375 kW) and 516 pound-feet of torque (700 Nm).

But then Manhart fitted it with new turbos, a new ECU mapping, carbon fiber intake, and a new intercooler. Two new exhaust systems are also available, one with 200-cell catalytic converters in the downpipes, and a race-spec exhaust with no catalytic converters to speak of.

Manhart lets Mercedes' C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang Exterior
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The model is called the Manhart CR 700 Wagon.

All this hikes the power output to 712 horsepower (524 kW) and 679 pound-feet of torque (920 Nm). Obviously, Manhart’s engineers had to fettle with the stock 9-speed automatic gearbox to help ensure it can now take the extra oomph.

To help put all that power to the ground, Manhart has added 255mm wide performance tires on the front 275mm wide performance tires on the rear as well. To make it handle even better, the whole thing is sitting atop a fully adjustable H&R coil-over suspension setup.

What about the visuals?

Manhart lets Mercedes' C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang Exterior
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Manhart is not letting the V-8 AMG go out without a little noise.

The body is the same as the standard C 63, however, Manhart has added its signature black paint with gold accents. The best part is easily the offset matte gold stripe that goes from the top of the front bumper to just below the rear window. The contrast in paint finishes is borderline stunning and far better than any factory black-accent-package currently on the market.

It is reminiscent of the Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni edition that was released in 2010. There are other gold accents here and there, but the stripe is what matters here.

Manhart lets Mercedes' C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang Interior Drivetrain
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Manhart’s own 20-inch ’Concave One’ wheels are wrapped in 255 performance tires in the front, and 275 performance tires in the back.

Also, those relatively meaty tires wrap Manhart’s own "Concave One" wheels. They would look good on their own but coupled with the masterful wheel fitment (in the rear), it takes the stance to another level.

The interior is left alone with this package. But Manhart can install a Rolls Royce-style headliner with lights that mimic stars in the night sky upon request and $2,250 (€1,990).

OK, take my money, just how much exactly?

Manhart lets Mercedes' C63 AMG V-8 wagon go out with a bang Exterior
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Putting a massive engine in a relatively tiny wagon ought to be a good time.

The exact cost of the car as a whole is unknown, as Manhart is keeping those cards close to the vest.

However, their website does list several components of the build for sale. The 20-inch wheels go for $3,046 (€2,696), the custom ECU for $2,598 (€2,299), The exhaust system with the catalytic converts for $4,017 (€3,555), the exhaust system without the catalytic converters for $9,150 (€8,099) and the rest of the upgrades to the engine are sold as a single package for $20,335 (€17,999).


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