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Manual Toyota Supra Rumors Pick Up Steam In New Leak

Toyota won’t make any comment, but a press release should arrive in late April

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It hasn’t even been a month since I told you that the BMW Z4 was most likely going to be canceled in 2025 and, thanks to its shared DNA, the Toyota Supra may follow a similar path. Just a day after that news broke, we learned that the Toyota Supra could finally be offered with a manual transmission, with the caveat that it could be a Japanese-market special. As it turns out, and if a recent leak turns out to be legitimate, there was some truth to that rumor, and it’s not exactly as bad as you might think.

How to Get a Toyota Supra With a Manual Transmission

Manual Toyota Supra Rumors Pick Up Steam In New Leak Exterior Drivetrain
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Right now, the Toyota Supra – be it the four-cylinder or six-cylinder model – is only available with BMW’s ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Rumors of manual transmission availability have been circulating, well, pretty much since the Supra and Z4 twins were launched. A new leak posted to Imgur provides evidence that the Supra could in fact be available with a manual transmission starting with the 2023 model. The screenshots include both details and dates, so pay attention.

Manual Toyota Supra Rumors Pick Up Steam In New Leak Exterior Drivetrain
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Its sister car, the BMW Z4 is offered with a manual in select markets, but even at that, it’s only available on the entry-level model

From the screenshots, we can confirm that only the six-cylinder Supra will be available with the six-speed manual transmission with all examples of the Supra 2.0 carrying on with the ZF eight-speed auto. The important part here is that there’s no mention of this being a JPM special and, in fact, it will help differentiate the Supra from the Z4 since the latter is only available in a handful of markets with a manual, and even then it’s only available on four-cylinder models. Needless to say, the six-cylinder manual Supra, albeit a bit more expensive, will stand out.

Manual Toyota Supra Rumors Pick Up Steam In New Leak Exterior Drivetrain Wallpaper quality
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Rumors about the Supra being offered with a manual have been circulating since the Supra was launched, with the latest rumor coming in late Feb 2022.

Beyond this, a special Matte White Edition of the Supra, which will include the exclusive exterior color and an exclusive tan interior, will also be offered with the manual transmission as standard equipment. This model will include wireless charging and USB ports, with Japanese pricing coming in at an extra 550,000 Yen or about $4,766 at current exchange rates over the standard six-cylinder model. Finally, if this leak is accurate, we’ll get official word on April 28 when a press release is sent out. Production will happen in Austria this July with dealers taking first deliveries in October 2022 and sales commencing immediately.

Of course, the Supra was supposed to feature a manual transmission for the 2021 model year, and that never happened. Its launch should have coincided with an M3-powered Toyota Supra GRMN, which also never happened.

Source: Imgur

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