Reborn modern Stratos driven up a technical road

The Lancia Stratos is one of those instantly recognizable automotive cars, which is why I’m happy that a new one has been launched, albeit as a super limited production model that is not even worth fantasizing about owning.

New 2018 Lancia Stratos Driven

The reborn Lancia Stratos is based on a Ferrari F430 Scuderia (not the regular F430, mind you). On top of whatever you pay for one of those, you add an extra €500,000 for it to be converted. What are you paying for? Well, a lot of work goes into the conversion - the wheelbase, for instance, is shorter, so the entire car has a bite taken out of the middle, then it is joined back together.

The engine remains untouched, though, so it’s a 4.3-liter V-8 that, in stock form, makes 532 metric horsepower.

Since the new Stratos is around 100 kilograms / 220 pounds lighter and is smaller, performance is actually better than that of the Ferrari it’s based on.

According to Marchettino, who drove it in the video above the Stratos feels more nimble around turns and its acceleration is also noticeably improved too. You can take his word for it too - since he’s driven a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, we’d say his more than qualified to make such a comparison.

The road he drives it on is really rather twisty and a bit bumpy, so he can’t really open it up, but even so the car looks like it’s a lot of fun - it’s a shame, then, that most of these will end up in a collector’s garage alongside other exotics that rarely get driven.

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