You have to check out this video! Mark Berry with Hi Octane Racing was out testing the Advan/HiOctane Racing Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R on the Eastern Creek International Raceway in preparation for the World Time Attack Challenge. This challenge, the first ever of its kind, will test the speed of not only Australia’s World Time Attack teams, but also teams from the U.S. and Japan. The race will be held at the Eastern Creek International Raceway on Friday, May 21, 2010 and Saturday, May 22, 2010.

A representative from SuperLap caught up with Mark Berry and when asked if he was not chasing speed due to the corners on the tracks, Mark Berry replied,
“We’re chasing speed everywhere. It’s ALL about speed, we’ll be up against the top teams in the WORLD, these guys are incredibly fast and we can’t afford to lose a second anywhere.”

That’s the kind of response we here at TopSpeed like to hear.


Source: World Time Attack

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  (780) posted on 04.21.2010

Can’t wait to watch this event. Go GT-R! This will definitely win the competition. No doubt about it.

  (417) posted on 03.21.2010

GT-R is all about speed right. gt-r became a legend because nissan does put their time and dedication to make the GT-R on the map. KUDOS to nissan!

  (504) posted on 03.17.2010

Test GT-R is really built for speed, it even out run that yellow sports car, also you can see it’s hood is almost fly away from the body of the GT-R’s body.

  (859) posted on 03.15.2010

I think this will be able to kick a lot of other supercars rear. I mean it was able to leave Porsche behind in the Nurbugring circuit, what more now that it is high octane.

  (1333) posted on 03.14.2010

cool clean engine, driving a gt-r one hell of experience specially when it’s tuned for race.

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