Mark Your Calendars: Need For Speed Movie set to open on February 7, 2014

EA and Dreamworks to develop Need for Speed movie for 2014 release
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Remember when we first brought to everyone’s attention about the plans regarding a Need for Speed movie? Well, today, we have a very interesting update on the Dreamworks movie project: the projected date of the movie’s opening.

Gentlemen, pencil - for now, at least - the date February 7, 2014.

The choice of date is a little interesting considering that it’s the time of the year where most of the movies being released will be in the Oscars running. Unless they have plans of turning Need for Speed into a drama starring Meryl Streep - highly unlikely, by the way - then we don’t know the thinking behind slotting it for a February release.

Then again, projects like this that are still in the infancy stages of production don’t have release dates that are set in stone yet. What that means is that February 7, 2014 could be moved to another date, maybe even a few months to coincide with spring releases or maybe even the blockbuster-heavy summer schedule.

Whatever the case may be, we, at this point, are just ecstatic to know that the movie’s development is moving along quite smoothly.


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