A very unusual looking concept car is coming from Poland: a three-wheeled sports car that looks like an airplane. The concept weights 440 kilos and is powered by a 750 cc Honda V4 engine that produces 100 HP, and is controlled with a sequential six-speed gearbox.

Chances are very strong that the model will go into full scale production as it is already under high testings.


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  (318) posted on 07.15.2009

I Love It. They Take Themselves So Seriously Like This "Thing" Is Going To Save The World. "Dreams Come True" My Arse. More Like "Nightmares Made Reality". For me, it looks fantastikkkkk. I wish to own one. Yes in profile it really looks like a fighter jet, but if you close the front end on the picture with your hand smiley. They should redesighn front end even spoiler

  (314) posted on 07.15.2009

This could be a great recreational vehicle, and when I say recreation I mean having fun, not siting a weekend in a trailer and filling the toilet like some people may understand by recreational vehicle.

  (421) posted on 07.15.2009

It looks like an odd combination of a stubby-nosed sports car mated with a segway. To call the Marotti three-wheeled concept car "unusual looking" is a massive understatement. A new video of the airplane-inspired machine has just been released, and show’s the car from sketch, to production, to test driving. In profile, it does not actually look like a fighter jet, as implied, but rather like an early space shuttle mockup.

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