The Maserati Coupé, also known as the 4200GT, was one of the exotic Italian sports car builders premium power houses built between 2002 and 2007. So even if the screaming 390 HP Maserati two door has been out of production for a few years now. it is never too late to give it a fresh new look, and that is exactly what the high end German tuning firm Prior Design had on their minds when they came out with this all new aero package that consists of a new front bumper priced at 1400 euro, an equally as expensive rear unit with integrated diffuser and a set of lower hanging side skirts priced at 900 euro to complete the down force enhancing ground effects package. Add to it a set of Prior Design’s five spoke alloys and some fancy orange accents and you have one very stylish Maserati, even if they did leave the high revving 32 Valve V8 untouched.


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  (10) posted on 12.30.2010

This is the worst company I have ordered parts from. Wrong invoice! Release my purchases to authorized freight forwarder! Refuse to take my calls on 12/30/2010! There are many better companies to buy parts from! If you want to be frustrated and MAD, buy from this ty GERMAN company!

  (612) posted on 11.7.2010

Good the current one’s front is hideous. Make the Gran Turismo’s front universal

  (859) posted on 03.30.2010

I like the way they make the combination of its color. I can see through its transparent glasses that its a very comfortable machine.

  (939) posted on 02.17.2010

the black and orange color of the car is really nice. To me, it seems like it glows in the dark. And the performance of the car is comparable to a supercar speed.

  (780) posted on 02.1.2010

I don’t really see anything exciting with its exterior but what’s under the hood seems nice. I definitely would want to see this GT on the track with a Porsche or a BMW and see how it performs.

  (708) posted on 01.31.2010

@Naterade22 - yes it looks nice, specially there are some highlighted parts. i really love the set wheels of this baby. it’s a very teasing picture it inspires me to make my mazda 3 to repaint it with this color and highlight it with orange like this one.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 01.30.2010

Looks nice. Especially like the orange detail around the rear defuser.

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