Maserati Alfieri Could Make it to Production; SUV Arrives Next Year

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Anybody who got hyped for the Maserati Alfieri Concept — the car we named the sexiest at Geneva during out first-ever podcast — at Geneva this week has more reason to be excited now, as the sports car could hit production sooner than later. Although it seemed more like a formality than anything else, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne’s comments to Reuters pretty much cemented what everyone who salivated over the Alfieri Concept has been hoping to hear. In the event that Maserati green lights production of the Alfieri, as we expect it to do, Marchionne already has a production timeline in mind.

"The platforms and motors are there," Marchionne said. "Technically, production could start in 24-28 months."

That’s two years from now, giving a lot of us enough time to fill up those piggy banks in anticipation for that time. But for those who can’t wait the two years, Maserati has an alternative and equally attractive model with a shorter timeline: the Levante SUV.

According to Marchionne, production of the Levante is set to commence next year at the company’s Mirafiori plant in northern Italy, meaning that it’s likely that the Levante will arrive in dealerships sooner than the production version of the Alfieri Concept.

It does stand to reason that Maserati’s aggressive lineup expansion is more than just lip service. The company is shoving all its chips on the table and for all of us, that’s a beautiful thing.

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Maserati Alfieri

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Named after the Maserati brother who helped found the company and led many of its engineering efforts, the Alfieri Concept is Maserati’s new 2+2 model. Judging by everyone’s comments about it, the concept has since become a bonafide heartbreaker on wheels.

Fortunately, Maserati has plans to build a production model of the Alfieri and while it will likely drop some of its concept-car details, the version we all saw at Geneva is largely production-ready. That’s good stuff, right there!

Powering the Alfieri Concept is a 4.7-liter, naturally aspirated, V-8 engine that produces 460 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. It would’ve been nice to see the output break 500 ponies, but at its number, it’s still more than enough to make a lot of us excited for its impending arrival.

Source: Reuters

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