A South Carolina driver. who has had 13 speeding convictions in the past 10 years, lost control of his Maserati while driving 85+ MPH and smashed into a home, killing one of its occupants. The driver, John Ludwig, has also been charged with criminal domestic violence twice in the past six months. The case has rallied a neighborhood together and brought allegations of privileged treatment for wealthy citizens. Mr. Ludwig is reportedly worth millions of dollars and has certainly shown a less than healthy respect for the law with his repeated speeding and violence charges. However, there are those who argue that Ludwig has become a target because of his wealth and success.

Do you think the fact that Mr. Ludwig was driving a Maserati at the time of the accident has negatively influenced his situation? If he had been driving a Camry would people be taking a softer stance?


Source: Google News/AP

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  (78) posted on 05.17.2009

I don’t know how can we stop neurotic people from driving a car. I hope the licensing agency will find a better way to resolve this kind of cases

  (116) posted on 05.17.2009

Whether you are driving a Miserati or a Camry there is no softer stance when you violate the law. Except of course if you can influence the authority

  (79) posted on 05.16.2009

Oh we could only have this guy experience what he had done to innocent people.

  (137) posted on 05.16.2009

This accidents means one thing. One has to get jailed.

  (318) posted on 05.16.2009

This guy needs to undergo driving lesson first and foremost, then have him realize what he had done to an innocent person.

  (231) posted on 05.16.2009

Some people don’t learn until they commit the worst to others or to themselves.

  (289) posted on 05.16.2009

Accident or irresponsible driving, the federal law state that the Miserati driver must be jailed.

  (177) posted on 05.16.2009

We know accidents happen, and no matter how hard car companies protect the safety of the vehicle’s passenger, no doubt it’s the drivers responsibility to work hard in protecting pedestrians and esblishments from car accidents.

  (182) posted on 05.16.2009

the person who committed this crime would deserve any verdict placed upon his shoulders. any appeals made to a higher court only shows the arrogance of the person.

  (183) posted on 05.16.2009

Motor companies has been concentrating in providing security for the persons riding the car. But what about the people they hit?

  (182) posted on 05.16.2009

No matter how fast and secured your car is, you will still hurt others if you don’t drive responsibly. It could be an accident but the death of a person can’t just be ignored. That person needs justice.

  (180) posted on 05.16.2009

What the hell happened? Whatever happened to "drive safe?"

  (314) posted on 05.16.2009

No one commit 13 violations, without being conscious about its implication, no one runs straight into a house, kill a person accidentaly at 85mph and remains innocent. With his money sure he can pay the litigation bills, but the fact that somebody died out of his irresponisbility

  (231) posted on 05.16.2009

He guy does not derserve his car. Period. Oh on second thougth. The guy does not deserve to wn a car not even a Camry.

  (421) posted on 05.16.2009

If feel sad for the Miserati with its miserable fate with its owner smashing it in a house...causing death...the owner does not derserve his car...if he is driving a Camry, there is no reason for TopSpeed to post this article...

  (13) posted on 05.16.2009

Maserati or not 13 speeding tickets, 85+ in a residential area and one innocent victim the guy deserves to be in jail and the survivors awarded his millions.

  (1) posted on 05.16.2009

Softer Response?! Regardless of the money he has or the car he was driving, this idiot caused the death of another person! He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life!

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