The Italian sports car builder Maserati is in the final stages of testing for their Granturismo Spider. Seen here in disguise and on track the production car will make its official debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Maserati GT car will then go on sale in early 2010 and is expected to start at around $130,000.

The Spider variant will feature a fabric roof and will be available, just like the coupe, with a choice of 4.2 or 4.7 Liter V8 engine shifted by either an automated manual or a fully automatic transmission.

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  (318) posted on 05.18.2009

For sure this Miserati will make a grand entrace in the auto show.

  (421) posted on 05.18.2009

Prices for the Coupe range from £78,215 to £88,005, so anticipating a modest increase the Spyder will start from around £90,000. We’ll get our chance to see the finished product in the flesh at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September

  (183) posted on 05.17.2009

i love spyshots. it gives me an idea on what I should look forward to.

  (182) posted on 05.17.2009

I’ll be waiting for more spy shot pictures.

  (177) posted on 05.17.2009

If I can just fast forward time to be able to see what is beneath those black paint. I simply can’t wait.

  (314) posted on 05.15.2009

Wow another supercharged car with a high charged value.

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