• Maserati Just Showcased an MC20 Prototype Dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss

We still don’t get to see much of the design, though.

The fact that Maserati is working on a new supercar – the MC20 – isn’t a well-kept secret. In fact, Maserati has teased a camouflaged model a couple of times. Now, the company has shown off the prototype once again, this time with unique dedication to none other than Sir Stirling Moss himself.

The MC20’s Debut is still delayed, but here’s a cool prototype

Maserati Just Showcased an MC20 Prototype Dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss
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Maserati was supposed to debut the MC20 in May 2020,, but was forced to push the debut back until September. That delay was a bit of a letdown, but it has given the company time to dedicate a single prototype to the late Sir Stirling Moss, and that’s the prototype that you see here.

The prototype has a design borrowed from the Maserati Eldorado – a car Moss drove during its 1958 debut at Monza.

It’s not surprising the company is paying tribute, either, considering Moss has piloted the Tipo 60 Birdcage, Tipo 61, and 300 S for Maserati at one time or another.

Maserati Just Showcased an MC20 Prototype Dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss
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Unfortunately, the new prototype doesn’t reveal anything about the car that we don’t already know. The angles and view of the car are less-than-favorable, but we do get our first look at the rear end. The taillights are still largely covered, but we can make out their design. The roof features a bright red Maserati trident and, if you look close, you can see some Stirling Moss branding in the camo swirls.

As far as power output and engine configuration goes, the company has remained largely quiet. It will, obviously, be a mid-engined car, and the latest rumors suggest that a twin-turbo V-6 built in-house will serve as the heart of the beast. It’s said to be good for some 600 horsepower and will probably be paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Maserati Just Showcased an MC20 Prototype Dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss
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The MC20 is set to serve as a spiritual successor to the 2004 MC12, and it will be Maserati’s first mid-engined car in some 16 years. For now, we can only hope that the September reveal goes as scheduled so we can finally learn more about what is, honestly, the most interesting thing to come out of Maserati in a long time.

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