Maserati joined the Fiat family in 1990 and since then the life for the luxury brand wasn’t that pink. The company only reported big looses, for example last year, in the first quarter they reported 7-million euro loss. But it seems the things are getting better for the company. In the second qurter of this year Maserati reported a 1-million euro trading profit, for the first time in 17 years.

In the first half, Maserati broke even, which is a big improvement from its 26-million euro loss in the same period last year. The carmaker expects the second half to be even better.

"This year, Maserati will definitely be in the black for the full year," Maserati Sales Director Raffaele Fusilli said.

It seems that the arrival of the newly launched Granturismo will make a big difference for the company. It will go on salein Italy later this month and in the rest of continental Europe in September. A big success, this time on the North American market, is also the Quattroporte Automatica.

Maserati expects the two new cars to help increase 2007 unit sales to 7,600 from 5,600 in 2006. Next year, Maserati plans to sell more than 8,000 cars.

Source: Automotive News

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pdaix  (433) posted on 07.24.2007

The new Maserati are really looking great. quattro porte was good looking and the grandturismo is fabulous looking. Italian looks has always been good, but it was missing a classy German touch and Maserati now offer a great compromise. Let’s hope the build quality will not bring them back into the red ink.

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