Back in the 60’s, the Ford GT enjoyed unprecedented success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, winning the overall title four times between 1966-1969. Oddly enough, after dominating Le Mans for four successive years, the Ford GT fell off the racing grid, inconspicuously absent from the famous endurance race for 41 years.

That is, of course, until now. Matech went to this year’s Le Mans race fielding two Ford GTs, the first time since 1969 that a Ford GT participated in the endurance race. Despite both cars failing to see the checkered flag, their return to Le Mans still proved to be relatively successful after the two GTs, neophytes that they are, fared better and far more impressively than most of the competition

And the best part of the whole experience is that Matech was there for the entire weekend to document the return of the Ford GT to Le Mans for a movie that’s being called “Reborn”. Check out the trailer of the video and tell us that you’re not getting all pumped up to see the feature-length.


Source: Matech GT1

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  (798) posted on 11.4.2010

That video is very nice. Let’s give our support to Ford GT

  (461) posted on 10.3.2010

nice trailer, always been a big fan of the GT40 and later the GT. i wonder if Ford will ever tool-up and build another run of GT? it’s easily my favorite combination of retro styling and modern performance in the automotive world.

  (1211) posted on 10.1.2010

I say this because that’s pretty common in sports car racing and also because all but one of the Ford GT’s wins came in the first half of the season, before homological changes caught up with them.

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