How often do you have the chance to see a Ferrari 599XX? Not very often, right? Well, photographer Sevan Calians was able to get pictures of two Ferrari 599XXs at the Paul Ricard High Test Track. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time; Calians was also able to capture a Pagani Zonda R right next to them! Now, that’s a perfect combination.

In case anyone has forgotten, the record-breaking 599XX’engine delivers a maximum output of 700 HP at a screaming 9,000 RPM and is mated to an all new SuperFast gearbox that is able to swap cogs in a mere 60 milliseconds. The 599XX is characterized by an innovative system called the "High Performance Dynamic Concept" which has been designed to get the maximum performance from the vehicle by managing the combination of the car’s mechanical limits with the potential of its electronic controls.

We’d love and hate to be the ones testing those cars on that track. Can you imagine having to pick between those voluptuous beauties for testing? Let’s just hope the test drivers were able to catch a ride in all three!


Source: Jonsibal

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  (780) posted on 08.13.2010

I must admit, matte black is one of my favorite colors. And seeing it on a Ferrari is something I really find cool. Now if only I could have the car.

  (939) posted on 08.12.2010

Now that’s a rare opportunity for me to see a super car be customized like that.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 08.12.2010

Very gorgeous front ends. Looks great in Matte.

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