• Matte black Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster, by its very nature the V12 powered Italian super car is a limited edition vehicle, especially with only 50 units of the special edition open air Murcielago in existence around the world. However the owner of of one of these high performance power houses has taken an extra step to ensure that his LP is truly a one of a kind machine.

The Murcielago owner opted to cover the car in a matte black finish complete with gloss black highlights as well as a set of custom GFG three piece forged Narkid wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter, with orange accents to match the massive brake calipers, wrapped in a set of sticky Pirelli tires. Meanwhile the Murcielago’s interior gets a one of a kind custom audiophile sound system from Al & Eds Autosound as well as an Escort SRX "Ticket Avoidance System" to help with the consequences of having 650 HP on tap.


Source: TeamSpeed

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  (4) posted on 01.2.2012

As a car collector I appreciate the value of rarity. My 1955 Studebaker President Speedster is rare indeed, however, 50 units (50 open top versions) puts the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster in a class of rarity that very few other cars can match. That said, most purist car collectors would find the matte black finish closer to repulsive than a "Italian Supercar Wet Dream". If you’ll excuse the term. I think its beautiful and unique, yet somewhat impractical.

What concerns me is the fact that the story was never edited.

"However the owner of of one of these high performance power houses has taken an extra step to ensure that his LP is truly a one of a kind machine."

of of one of...

  (612) posted on 11.7.2010

Pretty sweet, but I don’t like the color scheme. I’ll take mine in orange and with the black graphics if they are a necessity.

  (858) posted on 03.30.2010

Matte black is a hateful color for me when it come’s to cars I believe its only making the car less attractive.

  (937) posted on 02.17.2010

this black murcielago is a monster. With a 650Hp engine, it can run faster than Gallardo or Diablo. Plus, the convertible and black and red color of the car really makes it exciting and aggressively.

  (516) posted on 01.31.2010

Well I wouldn’t really call it an overdo but it kinda is different from the other Lambo’s out there but it is not a bad thing. If I wanted a car that would shine out I would want one that only 50 or less in the world individuals have.

  (708) posted on 01.31.2010

well IMO it looks aggressive specially it’s color, and was highlighted with color orange, but still my bet goes to Ferrari 458.

  (182) posted on 01.31.2010

Not of course to mention that it is highlighted with color Orange.

  (177) posted on 01.31.2010

Correct. The powerful machine that they have engineered for this car would be put in vain with the awful design.

  (180) posted on 01.31.2010

Many car manufacturers have attempted to come up with really extreme and futuristic models. But never did it look so ridiculous just like this. It’s so painful to see a really powerful machine trapped in an ugly looking body kit like this.

  (183) posted on 01.31.2010

It’s an overdo, really. It’s a good thing that they wouldn’t mass produce this model because I think the Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster is something that you would just display among your friends and not really use it. Because damn, it looks terrible!

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