Maybach 57S by Fab Design - more details

Maybach 57S by Fab Design - more details
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Just like the Project Kahn’s Rolls-Royce from yesterday, sometime people just aren’t satisfied with having one of only a handful of cars made. In this case Fab Design will take one of the around 1000 Maybachs made per year, and for an extra $200,000, will turn it into something that won’t get lost in yacht club parking lot (for better or worse).

Maybachs are an exclusive automobile. Just riding in one will make you part of an exclusive crowd. Maybach owners are people that pay over $300,000 for an automobile that they will most likely never drive. The factory is continuously coming up with modified versions to dazzle their clients. Like the open air Maybach Laundaulet, or the ultra luxurious Maybach Zeppelin that commands an additional $200,000 over the base model. For some Maybach owners these factory customs are not enough. Last week Topspeed brought you some photographs of a blue modified Maybach parked outside a hotel in Monaco, and that cars official specs have just been confirmed.

The car is the creation of aftermarket manufacturer FAB Design. In order to quench the insatiable appetite of the owner FAB came up with a 300mm wide body kit that makes the Maybach look more aggressive and allows them to fit the 20 inch wheels and 325/25 tires in the rear. A touch that is more commonly reserved for supercars, FAB Design has incorporated a host of vents throughout the car. Some are even functional, like openings in the front fenders that give the hot air in the engine bay and around the brakes an escape route.

The interior is finished with a combination of cream and blue leather and alcantra. Entertainment upgrades range from iPod connectivity to a cinematic entertainment and everything in between. FAB Design has announced that 15 examples of the modified Maybach will be built.

At this time there is no word on pricing. But if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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