The relaunch of Maybach apparently isn’t going to be limited to just super-luxury sedans. From the looks of it, Mercedes is planning to set Maybach up as a luxury division similar to how AMG has evolved into the company’s performance division. So prepare yourselves for a more versatile Maybach offering that will even expand into SUVs like the GL-Class.

The news comes by way of Motoring, which reported that Mercedes is already tinkering the idea of using Maybach differently when compared to its previous incarnation. So instead of models being badged as an independent Maybach brand, we could see something akin to Mercedes models being treated to uber-luxurious specifications.

Motoring is reporting that the GL-Class will be the first of Mercedes’ existing models to be given the Maybach treatment. The move is seen by some as the company’s response to the increasing number of luxury SUVs that are either in development or are in discussions to be developed soon.

You hear that Bentley, and Rolls-Royce? That’s Mercedes putting you on notice.

Note: Standard Mercedes GL-Class pictured here.

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Why It Matters

There's also talk of the MLC-Class getting the Maybach treatment, although that could still be further down the road.

It matters because Mercedes’ plans to bring back Mayback will come with a different purpose.

Other than the GL-Class, the initial batch of Maybach-badged models will also include a long-wheelbase S-Class that will be slotted just below the the S600 Pullman, still considered as the top-dog in Merc’s sedan lineup. There’s also talk of the MLC-Class getting the Maybach touch, although that could be further down the road.

As far as the GL-Class by Maybach is concerned, plans call for it to retain its existing architecture but will be given a plethora of luxury modifications that could rival the SUV offerings of other luxury brands.

Maybach History

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Before diving into producing cars, Maybach was originally a company that built engines, specifically gas and diesel engines for Zeppelins.

Most people probably don’t know this, but Maybach is actually one of the oldest car brands in the world, having been founded by Wilhelm Maybach back in 1909.

Before diving into producing cars, Maybach was originally a company that built engines, specifically gas and diesel engines for Zeppelins. The company began building cars in 1921, two years after it built its first experimental model. In the years that followed, Maybach established a reputation as an automaker that specialized in building high-luxury models, a lot of which are now treated as icons in the industry.

During World War II, Maybach shifted its focus to building medium and heavy tank engines for Nazi Germany and it wasn’t until 1960, when Daimler purchased the company, that Maybach returned to building cars, specifically special-edition vehicles based on Mercedes models at that time.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Mercedes decided to give Maybach its own lineup, specifically the 57 and 62 luxury sedans, so named after the lengths of the models in decimeters. Both the 57 and the 62 were supposed to be Mercedes’ answer to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but all that promise never materialized because of what analysts deemed as a half-hearted developmental approach that ultimately left the Maybach models at severe technical disadvantages relative to its competitors.

Years of struggling sales culminated in Mercedes’ decision to drop the Maybach line entirely in 2012, a decision that it looks to be reversing in the not-so-distant future.

Source: Motoring

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