• Maybach launches luxury eyewear collection

Much like many other automakers these days, Maybach is not going to stick to just manufacturing their luxury saloons. No, they have to expand their lineup to include many other things to boost up their profit and make their name more recognizable. Here comes Maybach’s line of luxury eyewear.

And just like their luxury saloons, Maybach isn’t going to let their eyewear walk out of the manufacturing center off a machine. No, these models are hand-crafted using the highest quality materials, just like their vehicles. The lenses are made by Zeiss and the whole eyewear set is built under license by IVKO. When the line goes on sale at the end of October 2010, customers will be able to choose out of eight models in up to nine colors and ten different frames in up to six colors. The models will include lightweight, rimless, metal, and natural horn rims.

The eyewear will also have some details modeled after the saloons themselves. The arms of the frames will have the Maybach logo as well as metal that simulates the door sill panels and the piano lacquer on the wood and carbon fiber arms act like the finish of the trim strips of the Maybachs’ interior.

Maybach will also be launching their “Individual” collection which will give the customer many customization choices as well as various special requests. The most interesting part of the “Individual” collection will be the 18-carat gold details. The collection will include 19 unusual natural horn tones, six fine wood or wood/carbon fiber combinations, and ten lens tints. Customers will also have the option of having individual name lettering in the arm.

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Press release

Maybach, the high-end car brand, is adding a new eyewear
collection to its range of top-class accessories. Defining features include exquisite materials, painstaking craftsmanship and outstanding design. This makes the exclusive luxury eyewear, lovingly created by the well-known German eyewear manufacturer IVKO, the perfect fashion accessory for genuine connoisseurs.

The various models which make up the new MAYBACH EYEWEAR collection offer character and irresistible style. As with the distinguished interior appointments in the Maybach luxury saloons, only the highest-quality materials are used to create the luxury eyewear. These include fine wood, leather and natural horn, as well as titanium and 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold.
Exclusive stylistic features from the Maybach saloons have also been adapted for the eyewear design. For example leather-trimmed arms feature an artistically inset Maybach logo, metal elements on the arms echo the door sill panels of the high-end saloons, the piano lacquer on the wood and carbon fibre arms recalls the finish of the trim strips in the interior.

While standard eyewear tends to be machine-manufactured, Maybach eyewear is hand-crafted by masters of their art – just like the Maybach vehicles. The lenses for the sunglasses are top-quality products manufactured by Zeiss, the leading force in the field of precision lenses. This ensures outstanding style and a top-class quality befitting of the Maybach brand.

The MAYBACH EYEWEAR collection will be launched at the end of October 2010 with an extensive “Ready-to-wear” collection. This includes eight models of sunglasses in up to nine colours and ten spectacle frames in up to six colours. The choice will include lightweight, rimless models, metal-rim frames and natural horn-rim frames.

In addition there will be a MAYBACH EYEWEAR “Individual” collection, which will cater to various special requests and customisation choices and features 18 carat gold details. Here 19 unusual natural horn tones are available, six fine wood or wood/carbon fibre combinations and ten lens tints. The Individual collection allows discerning customers the opportunity to adapt their eyewear to their personal tastes, just as is the case with the Maybach saloons. Individual name lettering in the arm underlines the unique character of these special creations.

The high-quality MAYBACH EYEWEAR collection is being manufactured under licence by IVKO GmbH. The eyewear manufacturer has been a leading force in the field of processing high-quality natural materials for optical products for over 30 years. Its products are sold in exclusive eyewear boutiques in over 50 countries worldwide. The MAYBACH EYEWEAR collection will be available from these outlets from the end of October 2010.

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  (274) posted on 09.22.2010

I can’t wait to get a $500 Maybach at Walmart

  (210) posted on 08.3.2010

great! From quality vehicles to luxury eye wear. The idea of having the “individual” collection is really very interesting. At least costumers can have their eye wear personalized smiley and due to the materials being used to produce this, I can say that this is an eye wear with a class.

  (228) posted on 08.2.2010

Ya, I agree. Who will wore this.. Just focus on selling cars..and leave the manufacturing of eyeglasses.

  (5) posted on 08.1.2010

tacky eye wear is news-worthy?

maybach isn’t even a driver’s car, why would anyone buy these glasses? would you get these for your driver... i don’t see anyone wanting to sport the brand of their limo on their glasses.

  (1) posted on 08.1.2010

Eh I’m over expensive sunglasses, no matter what the gimmick.

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