The Maybach nameplate has been around for a century, however ever since the brands rebirth under Mercedes Benz over a decade ago, their lineup of ultra exclusive luxury limousines have remained very much the same, with the exception of one over the top twin turbocharged V12 powered sports coupe, the Exelero concept. It doesn’t hurt that Maybach is the top dog as far as million dollar transportation is concerned, and the apparent lack of competition hasn’t pushed them to constantly update their vehicles.

Reaffirming that fact Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche announced at a conference in Abu Dhabi that the German automaker is still thinking about the posh luxury brand. According to Dr. Z, "the contribution of Maybach is not significant or relevant but there are only two players in this market and we are one of them. But there are no plans in the long run." What we do know is that in the short term Maybach owners will be greeted by some new faces and that as part of their product sharing strategy, both the 57 and 62 will receive numerous assistance and infotainment systems from the current Mercedes Benz S-Class. However Mercedes has not yet decided whether or not they will go as far as next generation versions for the two models.


Source: AMS

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  (274) posted on 09.22.2010

It’s an entry-level Maybach for the just starting out rap artist.

  (570) posted on 08.18.2010

they really stick to elegant designs huh. They should try new styles too.

  (507) posted on 08.2.2010

I honestly didn’t even know Maybach was still around, I thought they died a few years ago

  (345) posted on 03.4.2010

you really need a face lift coz your appearance looks awful.

  (815) posted on 01.10.2010

I don’t think it’s a great idea to re-launch Maybach on the market where the concepts are more focused on the electric car concept. Of course there’s a lot of new Mercedes car even the conceptual plans lined up on this year so definitely plan the Maybach revitalization next year.

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